About E-Meds

Daily E-Med(itations)

These are short 10-minute devotional commentaries, currently covering the Upper Room conversation of our Lord with His disciples the night before he was crucified. These are timed to take you through 2015, Monday through Friday and are delivered right to you  email in-box. We currently have three years of daily embeds in our archives. To read the past ones or to subscribe the current series, click on “E-Med Daily” on the side column.

Weekly E-Med(itations)

These are short, weekly comments sent out to subscribers by e-mail.  We designed these for the busy person at work or home who wants a short reminder of God’s presence in the world. If you would like to subscribe, click  on the “Subscribe” link in the side colum.

Enjoy and please don’t hesitate to leave a comment to let us know your thoughts. We trust these short natterings will be an encouragement and stimulus in your faith walk with the Lord Jesus Christ. To see the latest daily posts, click on “E-Med Weekly” on the left