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Welcome to Daily E-Med(itations)! These are sent out 5 days per week and will cover the whole book in one year. If you subscribe after this daily devotional begins, you can pick up where we are in the current series or you can go to the archives and find previous devotionals.

You can receive this meditations delivered right to your e-mail inbox by clicking on the subscribe link on the right side of this page. Your information will not be given, sold or otherwise disseminated to any other organization, mailing list or ministry.

Enjoy and please don’t hesitate to leave a comment to let us know your thoughts. We trust these short writings will be an encouragement and stimulus in your faith walk with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Chuck Gianotti

One Response to About E-Med Daily

  1. Ken Barker says:

    Your daily meditations are excellent and so insightful!

    My Dad was a self-employed printer. When I was a teenager, he taught me to set type and to proofread. Even today, some 56 years later, I “wince” when I see errors. I notice some of these in your statement of faith.

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